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Plan your marriage or special occasion in Iceland

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Unique and spectacular wedding locations

If you are planning a special honeymoon tour or are thinking of getting married in Iceland, contact us. Iceland is the perfect destination for a really unique event. Now let's turn ideas into reality.

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The unique wilderness and stunning beauty of Iceland will ensure that your special occasion will be a truly magical and unforgettable experience.

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Included: We can provide the knowledge and experience for a unique experience in Iceland, just tell us what you're interested in and we can deliver a bespoke itinerary. We will of course assist in planning all the necessary arrangements for your romantic adventure in Iceland.

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How do we get married in Iceland?

Here are some of the basics you need to have in mind. If you want us to help you out with everything that a marriage in Iceland involves, talk to us. We can arrange each and every aspect of your wedding.

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Get married in paradise

- The local District Commissioner will issue an authorization for a marriage ceremony after the necessary documentation in English or any of the Scandinavian languages has been submited.

- All documents must be originals and be received 2 weeks before the planned wedding date.

  1. Marriage Statement Form, filled out and signed.
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Certificate of marital status. The certificate must be very recent, issued within 4 weeks prior to the wedding ceremony, no more.
  4. If bride or groom is divorced. A divorce decree must be provided. It is also necessary to prove that the division of assets and liabilities between the former spouses has been finalized.
  5. If bride or groom is a widow / widower. An official document showing that the estate (assets and liabilities) of the deceased spouse has been finalized/divided.
  6. Legal stay in Iceland. Proof of that must be presented: confirmation of arrival date (flight ticket or passport stamp), visa or residence permit.
  7. Passports

If the partners are citizens of Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finland, or residing in these countries, partially different requirements apply.

Honeymoon Custom Tours

We will use our local knowledge to make sure you will spend each moment in a way which is so special and memorable. We are confident your memories of those golden moments will reside within you for the rest of your lives.

wedding ceremony in Iceland

Guide pouring champagne for the lucky couple

Our romantic wedding travel packages can also fulfill your dreams if you wish to get married in Iceland. Perhaps you would like your wedding to take place on top of a glacier only accessible by Super Jeep or helicopter? Maybe a wedding ceremony on a beautiful black beach would be your dream way to tie the knot? There are so many special and wonderful possibilities!

We know it is the dream of every bride and groom to be married in an ambiance which for them is simply paradise.

Your can rest assured you are in the safe and caring hands of local Icelandic people who will make sure all formalities and legal requirements are properly completed.

wedding pictures

Unique and spectacular wedding locations

wedding ceremony in Iceland

Guide pouring champagne for the lucky couple

wedding photography in Iceland

Get married in paradise

anniversary wedding engagement celebration in Iceland

Helicopter picnic day with that certain someone

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Winter wonderland wedding


Wedding or Honeymoon in Iceland


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