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Game of Thrones filmed in Iceland

In the last 5-10 years Iceland has become a popular destination for the international film industry. More and more talented and world known directors, actors and filming crews have shown interest in coming to Iceland to work with skilled and trained local crews.

The spectacular surroundings of the untouched nature and the access to “no man’s land” make Iceland a desirable place for filming.

We at Extreme Iceland offer our service when it comes to finding the right places for filming in Iceland.

We have experts in the Icelandic nature who know the mysteries of the highlands and the hidden secrets of the rarely visited places.

Whether it is movies, TV programs or advertisements we offer our service helping you find the right place for your project.

We also offer our help finding the right team and equipment you need. We can provide you experienced production service companies in Iceland to work with, and all the other help you need with your project.

Tom Cruise marching across Iceland

Parts of many great movies have already been filmed in Iceland. Here are some of the best, just to name few:

Journey to the Center of the Earth, James Bond: Die another Day, Batman Begins, Oblivion, Prometheus and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

The worlds known episodes Game of Thrones have also been filmed largely in Iceland.

The reimbursement scheme for film and TV production costs incurred in Iceland is simple and effective.

Game of Thrones filmed in Iceland

Tom Cruise marching across Iceland

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